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  • June 07, 2022 10:20 AM | Lars Hasselblad Torres (Administrator)

    The Clowes Fund has awarded HatchSpace $20,000 to invest in workforce training and development in digital design and fabrication. Based in Indianapolis, Seattle, and New England the Clowes Fund is a family foundation with a mission to enhance the common good by encouraging organizations and projects that help build a just and equitable society, create opportunities for initiative, foster creativity and the growth of knowledge, and promote appreciation of the natural environment.

    The purpose of HatchSpace's grant is to launch new 3D Digital Design programs and expand the financial aid available through the HatchSpace Scholarship Fund. Over the next year HatchSpace will create new programs to teach career skills in the production, manufacturing, and creative sectors. Our 3D Digital Design programs will help participants build skills that are in demand by our region’s employers.

    To ensure these programs are accessible to anyone in our community who seeks to participate, HatchSpace will provide need-based support to cover registration fees.

    Programs established through this grant will be offered in two different formats, both providing opportunities for different demographics to learn design and fabrication skills:

    1.  Groups of five or less young people up to age 18 will learn how to use our tabletop CNC machine and Laser Printer. HatchSpace has established partnerships to coordinate recruitment through local organizations that serve young people.

    2.  The second format will be open to the public, working with groups of up to 10 people and incorporating our full sized CNC machine.

    According to a hiring needs assessment recently conducted by the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC), “The need for experienced workers is causing a system-wide problem and the pressure is not going to let up. We are in the midst of a demographic shift, draining experienced workers from the workforce due to retirements. As older workers exit the workforce, replacing the highly experienced Baby Boomer cohort and Generation X cohort with younger workers means a loss of experience overall within firms, along with the individual challenge of filling each of those positions.” 

    Market research conducted by HatchSpace in January 2022 corroborates this growing demand for employees with 3D design experience. A survey of job listings through GS Precision and Bensonwood Homes found 28 open positions, most of which require some 3D Design experience. These open positions include titles such as 3D Modeler/Virtual Fabricator, CAD Detail Drafter, CNC Machine Operator, and Manufacturing Engineer. A Process Engineer at G S Precision told HatchSpace that their company is having a hard time finding people with machinist skills to fill positions.The Marketing Director at Bensonwood Homes offered the following testimony about the impact of this project, “Bensonwood Homes is a growing business and that benefits directly from efforts at HatchSpace to teach both traditional woodworking and new, innovative methods and skills to a broad and diverse community.”

    Having reopened in a new and larger facility, HatchSpace is expanding programming to include a full range of job-ready design and programming skills. Our new 3D design equipment gives HatchSpace the designation of being Brattleboro’s first accessible high-tech workshop. Among public facilities, a similar workshop does not exist in our region. HatchSpace has heard our local community corroborate the growing concern that our region does not currently have the capacity to meet increased demand for tradespeople. To train more local tradespeople, our new 3D Digital Design programs will teach technical skills and provide experience working with high-tech equipment used by builders, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs in the modern workforce.

    We're thrilled to be embarking on this work with the early support of the Clowes Fund. Interested in learning more, or want to get involved? Please reach out to us at info at hatchspace dot org.

  • May 13, 2022 1:57 PM | Lars Hasselblad Torres (Administrator)

    ACWC is now accepting applications for the 2022 Town Arts Fund grant program!

    In this third year of the TAF program, we are excited to offer grants of between $1,000 and $3,000 for community-focused creative projects, taking place between July and December 2022. Applications are due by June 10, 2022.

    Check out the program overview below, and see the full application guidelines for details, eligibility requirements, and application process. More info at:

    Please help us spread the word by sharing this call through your networks and on social media. Thanks!

    Questions? Contact

  • May 11, 2022 8:38 AM | Lars Hasselblad Torres (Administrator)

    The Putney School has an opening for the Summer Programs Woodworking Workshop teacher to teach 9-noon, M-F for the month of July. Students ages 14-17 who have a love of the arts and for learning, choose to apply and attend this enrichment arts program. Students and teachers thrive in this environment in which teacher/artists have the freedom to develop curriculum with projects that they believe will promote essential skill development, hands-on learning, and creative expression.

    Teachers living locally are asked to join all teachers for the June 29-July 2 orientation. This entails studio/workshop set-up time, orientation to the goals and expectations for students and of the program, and involves getting to know teachers across the disciplines. We offer 23 month-long workshops during July  - from Animation to Creative Writing and class size is small. The Woodworking Workshop is capped at 6 students.

    Teacher/artist participation outside of workshop time in select community events over the course of the month is expected as a way of supporting our 110 students living on campus. Simple private room accommodations are available June 28 - July 30. Compensation is $2,750, plus single room and board for teachers choosing to live for the month on this gorgeous hilltop farm campus. More information at:

    For more information, please contact Tom Howe, Summer Programs Director at 802-387-6234 or

  • December 20, 2021 11:36 AM | Anonymous

    HatchSpace Spotlight

    Tucker Barrett,  Visiting Artist 

    After nearly 25 years of designing and building electric violins, violas and cellos, Tucker Barrett is now dedicating his time to the repair and restoration of vintage and contemporary acoustic and electric guitars.

    Trained and apprenticed under Ken Parker at Stuyvesant Music on 48th Street in NYC, he has been privileged to build custom guitars for such musicians as Pete Townsend, Andy Summers, Lou Reed, and Nile Rodgers, as well as many other professional and amateur musicians. He also repaired, maintained and set up guitars for many top groups such as the Pretenders, Foreigner, The Cars, The Police, and Joan Armatrading.

    Set-ups and fretwork are his specialty. His experience and general understanding of how guitars function and change, especially in New England, allow him to improve the feel, playability and intonation of almost any instrument, whether used or new.

    As a Stringed Instrument Visiting Artist at HatchSpace, Tucker is available Wednesdays, 6-9 pm for consultation, guided restoration and repair of guitars. 

    *If you are bringing an instrument please visit the calendar page and pre-register.  Limit of 2 registration slots per evening.

    Feel free to stop by for a chat with Tucker or to watch him work.   

  • March 31, 2021 4:36 PM | Anonymous
    After several weeks of packing and moving, today we brought the final items from Frost Street to our new home at 22 High Street. Moving a community woodworking facility is no small task! With the support of a dozen volunteers, we moved the smaller items. We called in a moving crew for the big machines. 

    You're familiar with being buried in boxes when you move homes, right? Somehow, unpacking is never easy. So many decisions. Which room will be used for what? Which items go where? It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle. 

    If you haven't already joined our volunteer list and would like to, please email Your help is still needed setting up shop.

    In addition to getting the new facility setup, we're readying our programming for a June reopening. We'll have lots to offer this summer: building benches, carving, designing, sharpening, boat building, and of course classes for beginners, as well as membership access to our makerspace equipment.  Stay tuned for more programming information in May, when we'll announce how to enroll for membership and register for classes.

    You're going to love your bigger, better community HatchSpace in downtown Brattleboro.

  • March 01, 2021 11:51 AM | Anonymous

    We need your help with moving from our current location to our new home in downtown Brattleboro.  Located at the corner of High and Green Streets, the new location will greatly expand our mission to promote the value and practice of craft by providing the instruction, tools, and space to support a community of makers. Moving from a 4,000 sq ft space to 7,000 sq ft will allow greater opportunity for classes, workshops, and mentorships.  The task of relocating is daunting, but with your help we can make this happen.  We will need help with a wide range of tasks, from packing hand tools to disassembling larger machines. Volunteers are needed for March and early April.

    To ensure safety, Covid protocols will be in place.   The number of volunteers at any given time will be limited, masks required.

    Volunteers of all skill levels needed! 

    Email with your contact information; name and phone #. You will be added to the volunteer list.  You will be contacted as  you are needed.  Thank you in advance for your help!

  • January 19, 2021 12:02 PM | Anonymous

    Click here for a replay of this past event.

    Passcode FNda8=ad 

    The Board of Directors of HatchSpace will hold an informational online meeting January18th at 7pm to present and answer questions about our plans to renovate and relocate operations to 22-28 High Street, also known as the MidTown Mall. 

    Board President Tom Bodett will lead a presentation of our new shop space, gallery, and classrooms along with a broad range of new programs and services. These include private workspaces, a wide selection of classes as well as exclusive member access, and public events. Come learn about the reopening and reimagining of HatchSpace. January 18th at 7pm in a Zoom screen near you. Replay available here. Passcode FNda8=ad 

  • April 27, 2020 12:16 PM | Anonymous

    Dear HatchSpace members, students and friends,

    Since the beginning of statewide efforts to control the Covid-19 outbreak, HatchSpace staff and Board of Directors have prioritized public health in all planning and programming decisions. As the state relaxes restrictions now and businesses begin to re-open, we believe it is important you know that we continue to prioritize safety as we plan for the future at Hatchspace.

    We have a lot of new programming in the pipeline and new ideas are coming in all the time. You may have noticed that our online store has grown to feature a number of new products from the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers. Our last class before closing in March was a Shaker bench class taught by Guild member Timothy Clark. We are working on many more such intermediate and advanced classes to be taught by Guild members when we resume teaching at our facility.

    Covid Happens

    As I write, Covid-19 cases are rising nationally. Though we are fortunate to have good state public health guidance, there is reason to expect that social distancing and other anti-infection measures will be with us well beyond the summer months and possibly into next year. Our primary goal at HatchSpace is to maintain a safe, focused and collegial environment for instruction in our shared workshop. We view the need for imposing social distancing measures as a distraction from this most basic goal.

    Introducing our New Off-site Membership

    Specifically, because so much uncertainty remains about the course of the virus, and because we believe that social distancing measures hinder the quality of communication and supervision needed for safe woodworking instruction, we at HatchSpace have decided to suspend our existing member model and create a type of membership that is designed to support work at home. In place of our existing membership will be a new, “Off Site Membership” which will provide project-based teaching and staff support for member projects that can be assembled at home. We will provide plans, phone or email support, milled materials and supplemental hand tools for curbside pickup. Some classes and kit projects will be supported with video tutorials.

    Our new Off Site Membership model is one of two major changes we’ve made at HatchSpace to sustain the organization through the pandemic. It will be our only membership option while our facility remains closed to members and students, and will become a permanent entry-level option at HatchSpace after we resume normal on-site operations in the future. Off Site Members will receive discounts on HatchSpace classes, programs and milling services; one week free tool bag rental per month; and unlimited access to our HatchSpace Zoom Shop. We continue to stay mission focused during this challenging period and hope that this new member model will help us grow our membership. Our goal is to continue to support our existing members with a variety of projects, tools and feedback, while providing simple, project-based instruction for new and beginning students.

    Work at home classes, projects and kits

    Our first offerings will be a Picture Framing class and a Build Your Own Skateboard class. Classes and projects added to our new member option will give students an opportunity to try our programming at relatively low cost. When we return to teaching on premises, students will continue to have access to this membership option as a way to check out HatchSpace without having to adapt to class schedules.

    We have also launched a live Zoom extension of the HatchSpace Hangout every other Tuesday at 7:30p. The series began June 16th and featured Tom Bodett, Seth Harter, and Blake Johnson talking about projects they have on the bench. Attendees asked good questions and offered opinions on the work, and discussed some of their own challenges and successes. This is a great way to keep our community connected to the work we’re doing and we hope you’ll take advantage of it as it evolves. The link is on the HatchSpace Hangout page and is also sent out in an email to everyone on our student and member lists. You can register for HatchSpace Zoom Shop by clicking here.

    New Members, New Students

    In mid-March we had just recently introduced a revised membership model before we were forced to close. Those who renewed their memberships after the new member model was introduced will be given free access to all of our interim member benefits including classes, milling services, online group chat activities and hand tool loans. Anyone who didn’t renew their membership can join now on a month to month basis for $50/mo for access to all HatchSpace programming and services. We hope many of our members will take advantage of classes and project support during this interim period. It’s a chance to build skills and prepare for more advanced work, while continuing to support our community workshop.

    When in Doubt, Make Something

    The other major adjustment we’ve made is to change our business designation so that the HatchSpace shop now functions as a non-essential manufacturing facility. Until we can safely and confidently resume normal operations, staff time will be focused on building commission work and raffle prizes, and also putting our new CNC to work manufacturing items for sale. We are busy developing a line of products that will help strengthen HatchSpace in the long run by supplementing programming fees. These designs will be further developed into project-based classes to expand our CNC trainings when we resume teaching at HatchSpace. These changes are the result of careful consideration about how to best utilize our shop and keep our staff on a steady course without making public health assumptions that are beyond our control.

    We would prefer to be teaching classes as usual. Until we have a clearer understanding of the public health consequences of full occupancy at our facility, however, we will build on our early success by adding these new capacities. We believe that remote project-based instruction and support can work well. We are here to support you with projects and instruction as well as milling services for your own projects. I am grateful for your continued support. Becoming an Off Site Member will help secure our future and grow our community.


    Greg Goodman

    Executive Director at HatchSpace

  • November 23, 2019 9:31 AM | Tom Bodett (Administrator)

    HatchSpace Gallery and Gifts seasonal store is now open at the Latchis gallery space next to the Latchis Theatre on Main Street in Brattleboro.   Stop by to check out some awesome work by the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers, and the staff of HatchSpace.

    There are also gift items for sale along with gift certificates for classes and materials and you can buy Winter Raffle tickets for a chance to win a live-edge maple bench by Tom Bodett, or a number of other gift items and HatchSpace swag.

    It you are a member and might be interested in taking a shift at the gallery, please get in touch with Emilie Beauchamp at for scheduling.

  • September 24, 2019 8:50 PM | Tom Bodett (Administrator)

    Patti Hurd of BS&L presents HatchSpace with a $1,000 donation   

    When Brattleboro Savings & Loan commercial banking officer Patti Hurd and marketing director Cassie Kelley came by the shop last week Greg and I figured it was to do a one-year review of our operation, which the bank helped us to launch with a loan for equipment last September.   

    So imagine our delight when Patti produced a check for $1000 to encourage our work in the community.   Each year this community focused bank selects an area non-profit to receive the gift.   Patti cited the Build Your Own Skateboard class HatchSpace did during the summer in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Brattleboro as one of the reasons for our selection for the award this year.

    Greg, myself and the board of directors at HatchSpace accept this vote of confidence from Brattleboro Savings & Loan with pride and gratitude.  Thank you Patti Hurd and Cassie Kelley, and thanks to BS&L President, Dan Yates, for this honor and for the trust and confidence you've shown in our organization from the very beginning.

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