At HatchSpace we believe that we are at our best and fully human when our whole selves are immersed in making things.

Tom Bodett, co-founder and woodworker in chief, shares his passion for woodworking at HatchSpace. Directed by Akhil Srivastava/Lifestream Films.  

Hatch Space envisions a region culturally enriched and economically enlivened through local training and support for the craft of woodworking. We aspire to  create a network of spaces that expand opportunities for personal, professional, and entrepreneurial development through the craft of woodworking. In the years ahead, HatchSpace will support the replication of our  model through technical assistance programs in rural communities across the country.

The mission of Hatch Space is to expand access to the personal, social, and economic benefits of woodworking. Hatch fulfills our mission by providing members and students with tools, spaces and training necessary to advance the craft of woodworking. Hatch Space provides economic support to woodworkers by facilitating exhibitions, artists talks and retail opportunities. We strive to reach beyond our community by providing networking and technical assistance to anyone who asks.

HatchSpace works with partners like the River Gallery School to bring the joy of woodworking to new audiences. In the summer of 2022 we ran join skateboard making camps in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Brattleboro.

HatchSpace helps to bring balance in a world filled with synthetic digital connection and media. This vision extends to all ages and abilities: whether kids who want creative, hands-on play, teenagers who are sniffing around for what to do with their lives, hobbyists who want to up their games or are tired of working alone in their garages, job seekers who desire meaningful trade skills, or master craftspeople ready to share what they’ve learned. HatchSpace is a safe, comfortable, and welcoming place where craftspeople exercise, share and move toward mastery of their craft. We provide on-site training and support, stationary machines not available to the home hobbyist, and a gathering place for people to exchange knowledge, ideas and fellowship. 

HatchSpace values sustainability and environmental responsibility. HatchSpace is powered by regionally sourced renewable energy and we offer access to New England hardwood.  We do our best to source our materials locally and use environmentally friendly, low VOC finishes. 

HatchSpace is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Gifts are welcome and are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
EIN 46-2309129. Learn more about making a gift to HatchSpace.

HatchSpace is a project of The Hatch, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization  •  Brattleboro, VT  •  •  (802) 257-3935
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