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Introduction to Woodworking:

Building Your Way An 8 Week Course

In this Introduction to Woodworking class you will learn the basic properties of working with wood, fundamentals and safety when working with hand and machine tools, and principles and techniques used to brainstorm, design, and make real something you can use in your life. Covered will be the major workhorses of the wood shop: table saw, jointer, planer, miter saw. Come equipped with ideas and any related images, and we’ll begin the maker’s journey together. No experience necessary.

Cost of materials not included. 

Free Form Relief Carving

If you have already have some relief carving experience, and want to explore the skill sets you've attained, as well as learn more, Noriko Isogai will guide you through carving your own design on basswood.

Basswood included.

Bring tools if you have them.



JAN 4, 11 & 18 - 1PM-4PM

Keep Carving With Sharp Tools

Relief carver Noriko Isogai will teach carvers with dull tools how to sharpen them.

Bring your own carving tools or learn how to sharpen on dull tools at HatchSpace.

Turning for Daily Life - Part One of a Two Part Series

As we learn to build and sculpt, we learn to create and curate the worlds we live in.  In this class, you’ll learn how to fashion a handle for something that you can use every day.  You’ll learn basic lathe functions and techniques, and get some practice shaping wood on the machine that can be transferred later to turning bowls and spindles.  Bring something small with a handle that’s not quite meeting your needs, and together we’ll all get a better handle on things.  No experience necessary. Materials included. 

Register for this class and Turning for the Holidays to get a free HatchSpace t-shirt or hat! 



DEC 8 - 1PM-4PM

Turning for the Holidays - Part Two of a Two Part Series

If you'd like to keep up the turning spirit, why not welcome the new year with a simple gift that you made yourself.  We’ll use the lathe to create one or two small things like a handle for a tool, or a pizza cutter, or a bottle stopper! No experience necessary.  Materials included.

Completion of Turning for Daily Life is required.

If you register for this class and Turning for Daily Life you get a free HatchSpace t-shirt or hat! 



DEC 15 - 1PM-4PM

Beginning Relief Carving

Come learn how to carve with traditional European and Japanese carving tools. Through demonstrations and hands on practice, you can see what just a couple of carving tools can do. Play with techniques and chisels to carve a design out of basswood. If you have cloth gloves, please bring them. No experience necessary. Tools provided during class sessions. Basswood included in price. 



NOV 3, 10, 17 - 1PM-4PM

Make a Bandsaw Box

This class will focus exclusively on the bandsaw, one of the most versatile machines in the wood shop. Each student will make a lidded box using only this machine and few hand tools. We will learn how to use the bandsaw for straight and curved cutting. We will learn to turn tapered, curved forms in functional and beautiful boxes.



 FEB 8 - 9AM-12PM

!&$#@* Sharp

Honing Hand Tools In the Japanese Fashion

When you want your joints and finished surfaces to come out just right, there’s no substitute for a perfectly sharp edge.  In this class, you’ll learn how to create and maintain one on chisels and plane irons. We’ll start with a bit of theory, and introduce the basic tool kit, but most of the time will be devoted to turning neglected edges into gleaming blades.  You are welcome to bring your own tools and waterstones, but the HatchSpace will also have on hand everything you need for the class.

Introduction to the X-Carve and CNC Skills

Come learn how to use the x-carve, a hobby-level CNC router that uses a Dewalt trim router and is controlled by free software. The x-carve can be used to do a wide range of  two-dimensional milling. There is a huge community of x-carve users that share tips, tricks and project plans on the internet. In this class you’ll learn the basic operation of both the x-carve machine as well as how to control it through the Easel cloud-based software. The class will prepare you to be able to design and create projects with support from Hatchspace staff. 



NOV 16 - 9AM-12PM

Design Your Woodworking Vision!

Do you have a pile of wood and don’t know what to do next? Learn how to manifest your vision into a viable shop plan through a step by step planning and drawing process. Gail will take the class through aesthetic and functional considerations, guiding participants through three dimensional drawings, joinery and detail options, and a cut list for use in the wood shop. Bring percolating ideas to explore, some graph paper, a pencil, a straight edge or ruler, and tape measure.



JAN 12-1 PM-4 PM

HatchSpace Presents

Artist in Residence: Doug Cox

Watch Douglas Cox, master violin maker work in the HandCraft studio at HatchSpace.  Stop by every Wednesday to ask questions, discuss woodworking issues, philosophy, and more.  Instruments in process will be on display in the gallery area.  See the process unfold weekly at Doug's blog.

Every Wednesday 1PM-6PM

HatchSpace is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization. 35 Frost Street in Brattleboro VT

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