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Beginning Relief Carving

Come learn how to carve with traditional European and Japanese carving tools. Through demonstrations and hands on practice, you can see what just a couple of carving tools can do. Play with techniques and chisels to carve a design out of basswood. If you have cloth gloves, please bring them. No experience necessary. Tools provided during class sessions. Basswood included in price. 

Saturdays, October 5, 12, 19 - 10AM - 1PM - $140

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HatchSpace Presents

!&$#@* Sharp

Honing Hand Tools In the Japanese Fashion

When you want your joints and finished surfaces to come out just right, there’s no substitute for a perfectly sharp edge.  In this class, you’ll learn how to create and maintain one on chisels and plane irons. We’ll start with a bit of theory, and introduce the basic tool kit, but most of the time will be devoted to turning neglected edges into gleaming blades.  You are welcome to bring your own tools and waterstones, but the HatchSpace will also have on hand everything you need for the class.

                                      New Date:

Saturday, November 9, 2019  9AM-12PM - $45

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HatchSpace Presents

Artist in Residence: Doug Cox

Watch Douglas Cox, master violin maker work in the HandCraft studio at HatchSpace.  Stop by every Wednesday to ask questions, discuss woodworking issues, philosophy, and more.  Instruments in process will be on display in the gallery area.  See the process unfold weekly at Doug's blog.

Every Wednesday 1PM-6PM

HatchSpace Presents

CNC Tuesdays: Jim Mahoney

Learn how to use HatchSpace's CNC wood router with Jim Mahoney.  Discuss with Jim how to use both the software and hardware available to members at HatchSpace to make projects on our XCarve CNC.  Projects in process and completed projects can be viewed at our CNC Blog.

Tuesdays in August @ 1PM

HatchSpace Presents

Beginning Woodworking For Women

This class is designed for women who have not had much (or any at all) experience working with wood or tools. Participants will have a chance to explore their creative and practical, problem solving sides, and learn about safety, design, wood, power tools and some hand tools in a supportive learning environment. Machines such as the jointer, planer, table saw, drill press, miter saw, and band saw will be covered as well as jig saws, drills, routers, and sanders. Each participant will design and build a small project of individual choice.

Class #1

Tuesdays 6:30-9PM - September 17 - November 5 - $325

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Class #2

Wednesdays 6:30-9PM - September 18 - November 6 - $325

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Class #3 - JUST ADDED

Fridays 10AM-12:30PM - September 20 - November 8 - $325

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HatchSpace Presents

Workhorse of the Woodshop: The Table Saw

Come dive into the basics of how it works: blades, squaring, calibration, safety, troubleshooting. Learn what you can do with it: ripping, crosscutting, joinery. Explore advanced operations of joinery: dados, rabetts, miters and how they can form the aesthetic and function of your project.

October 13, 2019 - 1-4 PM - $45- Sign Up Here

HatchSpace Presents

Make a Bandsaw Box

This class will focus exclusively on the bandsaw, one of the most versatile machines in the wood shop. Each student will make a lidded box using only this machine and few hand tools. We will learn how to use the bandsaw for straight and curved cutting. We will learn to turn tapered, curved forms in functional and beautiful boxes.

October 26, 2019 9-12 noon - $45 - Sign Up Here

HatchSpace Presents

Design Your Woodworking Vision!

Do you have a pile of wood and don’t know what to do next? Learn how to manifest your vision into a viable shop plan through a step by step planning and drawing process. Gail will take the class through aesthetic and functional considerations, guiding participants through three dimensional drawings, joinery and detail options, and a cut list for use in the wood shop. Bring percolating ideas to explore, some graph paper, a pencil, a straight edge or ruler, and tape measure.

Coming Soon  $45

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Master of the Water: The Art of Boat Building

The HatchSpace Gallery will feature the work of master wooden rowing shell maker, Graeme King of King Racing in Putney.    A 26’ rowing shell will be on display along with Mr. King’s technical drawings, and the man himself to answer questions about his long career building some of the world’s finest and most competitive wooden boats.

                Mr. King is collaborating with the HatchSpace woodworking school to offer a boat building seminar in the Fall of 2019.   The boat on display at the gallery will be the model for the class.   Those enrolled will learn the step by step methods to build the craft and gain the skills and confidence to build their own boats using Graeme King’s full-scale drawings.

                The HatchSpace Gallery will be open from 5:30 - 7:30p Friday June 7th, and during the Mocha Joe’s Coffee tasting events on Saturday June 8th.   

Intro to Woodworking - Making Boxes.  

Learn fundamentals as you work a given plan through to completion. This beginners' class covers a lot of basics: safety, shop etiquette, properties of wood, how to work from a plan, how to cut and mill stock, and some simple machine joinery.

We will focus on four essential power tools: the chopsaw, jointer, planer and the table saw and we will establish a foundation for deeper work. Students are encouraged to provide their own safety protection (eye, ear & respiratory) although we will have some for common usage. There are no mandatory tools for this intro class, although interested students can find a specially priced "Hatch Starter Tool Kit" at Brown & Roberts 

Classes for general admission and a special woman's only class.  

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Past Event -  Violin Making: The Practice of a Tradition of Woodworking with Douglas Cox

Douglas Cox, a German trained violin maker with 52 years experience, will explain and explore the process from a wood workers perspective, demonstrating materials, tools, and techniques. While much of the process is specific to violin making and can only be inspirational or thought provoking for most wood workers, the bulk of the work is refined woodworking, a slight variant on what all woodworkers do every day.

The talk included lots of parts and tools to handle, and demonstrations of many of the techniques Doug thought would be of interest, including joining, carving, bending, and gluing.

Read our blog post about the event

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