In the summer of 2017 two woodworkers who were strangers to each other sat down in a noisy cafe in Brattleboro, Vermont.   Hooked up by a mutual friend, they were there to talk about opening a gallery of fine woodworking to show-off the best of the best of Vermont woodcraft.  

After several refills their talk turned to Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers, where they were certain to find consistent master class craftsmen to feature in a gallery.  The conversation soon morphed into a kind of worry about the advancing age of most of the woodworkers they knew, and are.   Is there something that can be done to bring young people and more diversity into woodcraft?    What if the gallery featured working craftspeople demonstrating their skills on site?   What if the best of them taught classes?   What if we had a shop that could be used by the community of students and members to hone their skills without investing so much money in tools and equipment?

Greg Goodman, a sought after master cabinet builder and furniture maker, and Tom Bodett, former Alaska housebuilder, woodworker, radio personality, and author, quickly agreed to explore the opening of a fine woodworking gallery in downtown Brattleboro.   Then they made the mistake of not leaving the cafe.

Two years later the doors were opened at HatchSpace, a five thousand square foot non profit woodworking school, shop and gallery in downtown Brattleboro.  Greg now serves as the executive director with Tom Bodett as president of a diverse board of directors all dedicated to the mission to Instill an appreciation for the work of human hands and the lives behind them.  One lunch.  One simple line.  One great place to be and to learn and to find true craftsmanship.

Handmade work done well is a gift to everyone connected to it.   To have it in your home is to add a piece of soul to your life.  The life of a tree and the life of the maker and everyone who taught them is contained in these creations.

As the pandemic limits our capacity to teach for a while, we are still as individual craftspeople able to make things.    We make the things you see on this page and in our Gallery Store.     We ask you to support HatchSpace by giving yourself the gift of hand crafted excellence.

Excellence takes time.   Materials take money.   These creations are expensive and we understand that they can be out of reach for many.   That is why we’re offering some of the best of the HatchSpace Gallery Store during our Summer Raffle.   A $50 pack of tickets gives you five chances to win something you and your children and your grandchildren will cherish.   

All proceeds from the Summer Raffle will be dedicated to the purchase of high quality, locally sourced lumber to support the HatchSpace mission.   $8,000 is our goal.  With that we can purchase materials to make tens of thousands of dollars worth of furniture and accoutrements.   We just add time, care, experience, and a love of what we do.   It’s simple, really.

If you see anything in the raffle or our Gallery Store you would like to purchase or have customized to your needs, please get in touch with us directly.   HatchSpace accepts a limited number of commissions as do our Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers colleagues.    Guild members donate 15% of any commissions of their work here to HatchSpace.   All profits from HatchSpace made items go directly to support HatchSpace programs.

Thank you for your continuing support.  

The HatchSpace Board, Members, and Community.

Congratulations to our Summer Raffle winners!  Winning ticket numbers are posted below.  If you have won a prize we will contact you shortly! 

Thank you!

Grand Prize

Moon Dining Table

A playful, modern take on an ancient design that refuses to concede to the rectangle. Two veneered pedestals are form bent to resemble slices of a new moon. They are then joined by concealed, wedged tenons that seem to pierce the surface.  

The base of this table is veneered with figured walnut. The top is ropey cherry veneer over a Baltic Birch substrate. 

76” x 40” x 30”

A $4,500 value.

Crafted by Greg Goodman


Second Prize

Treehouse Mirrored Wall Cabinet

This cabinet in composed from a single live edge section of a quilted maple tree. A seeded Moretti glass panel allows the upper interior shelf to display small objects with the door closed. Hidden hardware helps to capture a natural effect inside a functional, refined composition. 

30” x 19 1/4” x 9” 

Blistered maple, ropey cherry veneer, Morreti sheet glass.

$900 value.

Crafted by Greg Goodman


Third Prize

The Chopstick Master

A unique table top tool, the Chopstick Master™ allows anybody, regardless of experience, age 8 and up, to make a pair of gallery quality 5 mm Chinese chopsticks and 2mm Japanese chopsticks. This original design utilizes a Japanese blade to form the finials on the end of the Chopsticks. 

$250 value.

Manufactured by Bridge City Toolworks


Fourth Prize

Plant Stand

These unique 3-legged plants stands were developed through many iterations by Tom Bodett for his wife who has never met a plant she could not pot and keep.  Two dogs and two teens required that these stands be exceptionally stable.  The wide, three-point stance accomplishes that with grace.   The stand shown here is 30” tall and can accept pots with bases of 6 to 10 inches.   Stands can be inverted for higher or lower pot height.   Custom sizes are available.  Pricing by request.

A $150 value.

Crafted by Tom Bodett


Fifth Prize

HP-8 Low Angle Mini Block Plane with Depth Skids

The HP-8 is an excellent small block plane by itself, but with the depth skids, it turns into an incredible, high precision, thickness plane. Thickness small pieces of wood to within .001”. 

A $99 value.

Manufactured by Bridge City Toolworks


2 Winners

HatchSpace Cutting Block




1 Winners

End Grain Maple Cutting Board



3 Winners

HatchSpace Bucket Boss Tool Apron





4 Winners

HatchSpace TShirt






3 Winners

1 Month Off Site Membership





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