Instruction at HatchSpace designed to share the joy and the technical craft of woodworking. Developed for beginning and intermediate students, we emphasize inclusion and safety within a supportive, small group environment. We take our time and we like to get lost in the process and we hope you will too!

Programs for Adults

Most of our courses are designed for adults. We offer courses as short as a single day, and sometimes as long as several weeks. Some of our courses are oriented toward the development of specific skills and processes (for example the use of specific machines to make wood joints); others provide tool and process training while creating specific products (for example, a hardwood side table). HatchSpace frequently offers classes specifically designed to create a safe and supportive atmosphere for women to explore the art and craft of woodworking. Browse our classes for adults.

Programs for Youth

We take an active interest in youth development and the positive benefits of youth-adult partnerships. Our programs (such as our popular "Make Your Own Skateboard Deck" class) are driven by local partnerships with youth-serving organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club and the River Gallery School. We'd like to hear from you if you've got ideas about how we can help more young people discover the joy of woodworking. Reach out to us with your ideas.

Community Service

Members, staff and leadership at HatchSpace are always looking for ways to improve our communities by putting our talent and our tools to work. From commissioned work (custom building projects) to public infrastructure (park benches) to individual service (building repair), the Hatch team has a lot to offer. Reach out if you have ideas about how we can be of service.

Under development

We're currently exploring ways we can offer a safe space for learning, social development, and job training to underserved members in our community. Specifically we are developing opportunities for under-employed and non-traditional workers. If you would like to learn more about what we're thinking and potentially join us on this journey, please reach out to our Executive Director Lars Hasselblad Torres at hello at hatchspace dot org.

HatchSpace is a project of The Hatch, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization  •  Brattleboro, VT  •  •  (802) 257-3935
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