Pro Shop Time

March 14, 2019 9:41 PM | Tom Bodett (Administrator)


(Greg and Tom are making a sequential slab cherry coffee tasting table for the Mocha Joe's lobby during Open Pro Shop time)

Pro Shop-       

Pro Shop is a time for our most highly skilled members to work on their projects.   These may be projects for HatchSpace, for personal or professional use, or for inclusion in the gallery collection.  

A jury selected by the Board of Directors will determine which members qualify for Pro Shop hours.   These members will be skilled and comfortable with all of the machines, power and hand tools, and techniques of woodworking. 

Even, and especially,  the most skilled woodworkers are constantly chasing the next challenge and Pro Shop is a time for these members to focus on their craft.

During Open Pro Shop hours members are encouraged to come in and observe the work being done.  This is a time to watch, ask questions, lend a hand if asked, and see what is possible for yourself to pursue.   Many of our Pro Shop members will be available for Private Instruction as well.

Closed Pro Shop on Sundays is set aside for our most independent and skilled members to have unimpeded time in the shop and be able to schedule extra time on the large stationary equipment.

(Board members Emilie Beauchamp and Seth Harter mill lumber for member projects during Closed Pro Shop)

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