Foundations of Woodturning with Guest Artist Robert Lyon

  • July 30, 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • HatchSpace



Saturday, July 30  |  10am - 5pm

Robert Lyon is an artist and wood turner working in South Carolina. We are so pleased to have him with us at HatchSpace where he'll be hosting a full day of presentations and demonstrations.

Cost: $71.25 members; $85.50 supporters; $95 non-members

Financial aid may be available. Contact for details.


10am - 1pm | Spindle Turning: The Foundation of Woodturning

1pm - 2pm | Lunch Break 

2pm - 5pm | So You Want To Turn A Vessel

Spindle Turning: The Foundation of Woodturning:
Bob will explore how design affects what we make, and how design principles can be applied to your tunings. He will demonstrate his approach to spindle turning and how he has incorporated pencils and other objects into many of his works. He will also explain why he believes spindle turning is at the root of all turning, and why he thinks it holds so many possibilities for creative expression.

He will show how he prepares the blanks, holds them on the lathe, and the cutting and finishing techniques he uses to complete the pieces.

Key Points Covered:

- Material selection and preparation
- Work holding on the lathe
- Safe and proper use of spindle gouges, including the spindle-roughing gouge
- How to sharpen your tools
- Incorporating found objects such as pencils, erasers, epoxy, etc.
- Finishing techniques (dyes, scorching, other materials, surface finishing
- Using a HVLP spray system and how to get a quality surface on your work

Lunch Break: Participants are invited to bring a lunch to HatchSpace, or go out for lunch in downtown Brattleboro. 

Afternoon activities: Bob will be discussing the bowl & other vessel forms and possible shapes folks may want to make, design, form and shape. He'll also discuss the difference between art & craft (as he sees it) and much more. His presentation will be followed by a demonstration of end grain hollowing using a boring bar with a laser measuring system.

Please join us for this very special event! Questions? Please contact for more information.

View more of Robert's work here:

Robert Lyon’s interest in architecture, especially the cylindrical forms of Italian architect Aldo Rossi, small granaries from the Ivory Coast, and the ancient towers of Iraq, led him to his interest in circular forms. From Robert's Artist Statement:

My early work with pencils originates from an interest in memory. My mother had died, and she had suffered significant memory loss during her illness. Her dementia made me confront the fragility of our brain and how easily decades of recollections and thoughts can be erased. Working in my sketchbook, and experimenting at the lathe, I began to realize that graphite and erasers would make good visual metaphors for the way our brain works. A mark made with graphite is like our memory, easily smeared or erased, never permanent.

Some of my pieces play off my observations as a beekeeper, as the pencils in cross-section have been grouped together so they take on a honeycomb pattern. In the others, I have experimented with encasing, sawing, and splitting pencils and their erasers. In these works, the pencils echo patterns such as the vertical structure of the vessels and the cellular structure of the wood, along with abstracted patterns of the interiors of the pencils themselves. Additionally, I’m an avid student of the guitar, and it has been pointed out that some of the patterns, especially those comprised of pencil parts and their erasers, resemble patterns that occur when I’m visualizing mode and arpeggio patterns that occur up and down the neck. - Robert Lyon

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