Build a Skateboard

 In this program, students use engineering, technology, and math to design and build their own custom skateboard decks. They hand-shape a foam mold, and use the mold to vacuum-form 7 sheets of maple veneers into a skateboard shape. Students learn the safety and basic operation of power tools. After final sanding, the students will seal their skateboard decks and apply art to give their product one last custom touch.

The summer 2021 class is being held in partnership with the Boys & Girls
Club of Brattleboro. Skate Camp is offered the weeks of July 5th and July
12th, with skating in the morning and building your own board in the
afternoons. Visit the Boys & Girls Club website for camp information and
registration . 

Open to ages 12 and up.

Intro to Digital Design for CNC Carving or Engraving Wood

This class is a three hour hands-on workshop designed for high school students. Using a web-based CNC software platform that allows students to design and carve from a single program, students learn the basics of three dimensional design.   Easy to use and requiring no prior knowledge, students will develop a simple wooden project. Students can personalize their project and bring it to life by manufacturing on our X-Carve machine, a computer numerical controlled machine (CNC). This workshop will turn students into "makers"!

Participants will need to provide their own laptop (One can be provided if needed)

Open to ages 13-18

Course is limited to 5 people per date.

Woodworking for Kids: Build a Tile Top Table

Participants will learn about basic woodworking tools and processes while building a small pine tile top end table to take home. In a highly supervised and safe environment, students will cover the basics of plan reading, measuring and marking, cutting, drilling, sanding, building, tiling, and finishing.

Open to ages 10-14

Registration TBA

Course is limited to 6 people per date.

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