Why join as a HatchSpace member?

Awesome Shop

* Fully equipped woodworking facility with multiple workspaces including a main shop, a bench room, a heavy equipment room, and high-tech CNC equipment.

* Open Hours - 10am to 9pm seven days per week of supported shop hours will be available when fully staffed.  Check the shop schedule regularly to see current hours.

* Reasonable use of woodworking supplies such as glue, sandpaper, and finishes for personal projects.

Up Your Game

* Access to supported shop hours, expert guidance and assistance from informed HatchSpace staff and volunteers.

* Become safety certified on a wide range of common and industrial shop equipment not available in most home workshops.

* Incubate your own small business. 


Meet your peers

Mentorship and collaboration

* Social and networking events

* Local projects and installations

* Volunteer and lead 

Save Money

* Discounts on lumber.  Limited supplies on site.  10% discount to HatchSpace members at Forest Products Associates in Greenfield, MA.

* Low cost member-only project storage on site.

* Discounts on select classes and events.

* Discounts on woodworking supplies for larger jobs.

How do I become a member?

To ensure the safety of all our members, beginners may join after completing an introductory woodworking class and then passing an evaluation. Please visit our class calendar and sign-up for any classes titled Intro to Woodworking or Beginning Woodworking.

Already an experienced woodworker? There are two options. Our safety refresher course will prepare you to use the equipment available to members. Please visit our class calendar and sign-up for any Refresher for Woodworkers class. After completing the course, our instructors will work with you to offer a membership level that matches your demonstrated skills or recommend further evaluation. For advanced woodworkers able to demonstrate their skills, you may take an evaluation with a HatchSpace staff person. Visit our evaluation schedule to register for the in-person test.

Not sure which option is right for you? Fill out a membership inquiry form and we'll contact you with assistance. 

A quarterly HatchSpace membership costs $325.00 and a yearly membership costs $1,200.00. Monthly membership is available at of cost of $125 per month.  Payment is not due until you've completed the prerequisites.  After passing your evaluation for membership, you will be sent an email with link to join Hatchspace giving you access to all open shop hours.

Full terms and conditions of membership are available to read here.

Interested in membership but want to check out our shop first?  

Fill out a membership inquiry form and we'll contact you to schedule a tour of the HatchSpace facilities.

We Can't Wait to See You at HatchSpace!

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