On behalf of the Hatchspace staff and Board of Directors I would like to say thank you to everyone who has responded so generously to our spring raffle-and-rent party. These are challenging times. It has been extremely reassuring to feel so much community support as we have had to rethink our business model and evaluate a fast-changing public health landscape. 

Hatchspace closed its doors to members and students the week that Governor Scott announced the closing of all school-related activities. Since that time we have made a number of decisions that we believe will insure our compliance with best practices for public health, and steward our organization through the uncertainty of the next few months resulting in much improved community involvement in the long term. 

HatchSpace will remain a non-profit dedicated to sharpening an appreciation for the work of human hands through the learning, practice and teaching of woodworking. Until public health guidelines provide us with clear instructions for reopening to the public, we will devote the majority of our efforts to developing online community resources and preparing our physical space to better serve our students and members when you return to work with us. Our first in-person class is a boat building workshop with Tim Clark that is currently scheduled for the week of June 14 and will be conducted outdoors. We will announce more information about that class in our next newsletter.

We are working on two basic classes that we plan to deliver via online video conference.

    • Introduction to working with hand tools: Up to eight students can borrow basic tool kits to bring home and practice basic hand tool skills with the help of an instructor. 
    • Mastering the Card Scraper with Tom Bodett: Tools and scrapers will be provided to students to use at home while Tom guides you through the process of sharpening and using this valuable tool.

Here are some other projects that are either available or going online soon:

    • HatchSpace Hangout—talk shop and weigh in on a range of woodworking topics.  Click here to visit the Hangout.
    • Online photo sharing of staff projects underway at HatchSpace for sale and raffle.
    • Partnership with Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers in our store.   Click here to visit our store.
    • Documenting the assembly of our new ShopBot CNC
    • Delivering any of our existing and new classes that can be done outdoors.

These are some ways that you can help HatchSpace make it through these tough times:

    • Buy a Spring Raffle Rent Party ticket. Click here to buy a raffle ticket.
    • Make a donation to HatchSpace. Click here to make a donation to HatchSpace. 
    • Buy something from our store. Click here to visit our store. We have plans to continue to stock our store with beautiful hand made furniture.  If you’d like custom work done, please contact us at info@hatchspace.org.
    • Join our Mailing List. Click here to join our newsletter. By joining our newsletter you’ll get regular communication about all things happening at HatchSpace.
    • Tell your friends about us. Share these links.  www.hatchspace.org and www.hatchspace.store
    • Are you able to donate outdoor space for classes? Talk to us. We are considering an outdoor Build Your Own Skateboard” class and are open to other suggestions. Click here to email us at info@hatchspace.org.
    • Are you able to donate your teaching services? Talk to us. Click here to email us at info@hatchspace.org.
    • Are you a woodworking instructor? Talk to us. Click here to email us at info@hatchspace.org.

When we reopen our doors we will be better organized and ready to hit the ground running. In the meantime, we are using this opportunity to build resources that will improve safety and skills instruction, provide online retail sales opportunities, and expand our technical teaching and manufacturing capabilities. 

Thank you again for your support and enthusiasm. We will get through these difficult times together and emerge stronger. We look forward to the time  when we join up again to work at Hatchspace. 

Greg Goodman

Executive Director

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